We want to inspire a different way of doing business; an alternative system that promotes a balance between quality, sustainability and society.

We want to be a proponent of this movement: setting new standards for good business practice, which include having a positive impact on people and the environment. Knowing full well that the easiest way of doing things is rarely the best, we decided to challenge, invent, experiment. Our results are the fruits of commitment, passion and a whole lot of trial and error.

It all starts with a handmade, innovative production method. We are always on the lookout for ways to make our products superior not only by design, but by component; starting from where our materials are sourced, to how they’re put together. Our process is based on our belief that collaboration is a driving force for innovation.


We also believe that sustainability and profitability can work hand in hand. Investing in sustainable production methods need not be a detriment to profit. We’re not saying it’s easy. Every step we take involves taking the path less travelled and, in many cases, even trailblazing into the unknown. Each choice comes with its pros and cons, leading us to challenge and rethink at every turn, however, in doing so, we form partnerships with other likeminded individuals and pave a path for other businesses to do the same.

The solution we cultivate though collaborative innovation are instrumental in gradually impacting how business is conducted and, in turn, reducing the negative environmental and societal impacts caused by how companies currently operate.

Ultimately, the power for enacting this paradigm shift lies in the hand of the consumer. Every purchase is a choice. Make your voice heard.